Strategic Consulting

We work with teams and organisations to help them improve the quality of their products and processes. Some of the services we typically provide are:

  • Assessment and process review: We investigate your current process, test procedures and challenges and quality targets by interviewing team members. After fact-finding, we prepare a detailed report of our findings and suggestions, outlining a plan for improvement.
  • Strategy workshops: We facilitate a workshop with senior technical and business people from your organisation to analyse your targets and to suggest improvements to your process based on strategies applied by industry leading teams.
  • Release planning workshops: We facilitate a workshop with senior technical and business people to clarify business goals for a milestone or a project and ensure a shared understanding of key decision makers. Then we apply Effect Mapping and Feature Injection to help you plan your releases effectively.
  • Facilitating specification/product backlog refinement workshops: we help you keep specification workshops on track and reinforce key ideas for workshop management and facilitation
  • One-on-one coaching: we work with key product owners, testers and developers to help them prepare for the specification workshops
  • Proof-of-concept tool implementation: We work with one or two of your senior technical people on a proof-of-concept implementation of the selected automation tool, ensuring that you start with the right approach and have good examples to use as templates.
  • Strategic support in test design and automation: we will work with your testers and developers on designing automated acceptance tests based on the results of specification workshops to ensure that they apply good practices, reinforce teaching from the training course and resolve potential issues as they arise
  • Periodic review: we visit your team every few months over an extended period of time, to provide guidance and ensure that the team benefits from new ideas and future developments in the field.